Welcome to Keen Classics

We are the one of the leading suppliers of Mahogany and Pine furniture.
Our Mahogany and Pine Furniture are replicas of Antiques from around the globe.
We have different styles and finishes to suit your customers taste.

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Service & Operations

We will work with you to make your business grow, supply you with the best products we know will sell. Perhaps you would like a different finish on the wood, we can cater to your sense of style. Contact us now to discuss possibilities.

Our Brand

Our Pine & Mahogany furniture is the best furniture money can buy. Our furniture is hand crafted and carved to a specific period style. We do not use any MDF, chipboard or any other hard wood that you would find flat packed. Our furniture will be ready made for your shop floor. If your looking for customers that appreciate their quality you’ve come to the right place.


We deliver our products in person and quality check the item before and after delivery.

2017 Pine Catalog


2018 Mahogany Catalog

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